Sunday, November 29, 2009

NICU Day #4

The exhaustion over this past week is catching up to Miles and me.  We'd wanted to be at the NICU by 9:30 AM but ended up waking up at that time.  Hurriedly we got cleaned up and left, making it there by 10:45 AM and fortunately did not miss the pediatrician.  He briefed us on the upcoming new things for the day with Bella, and how she did the night prior after we left.

Today is her first day without CPAP, or assisted breathing.  She was, as they call, in "the hood".  The hood is a plastic cover that goes over her head and is an oxygen rich environment as she breathes in the air by herself instead of CPAP.  CPAP is a tube that is inserted in her nostrils with air that is forced through her nose whether she breathes it in or not.

We left the hospital during our last visit by 10:30 PM.  She's done well under the hood so far all day.  They also started a new medicine to make her urinate more.  Her jaundice is decreasing, though she's still doing phototherapy.  It's so cute the little "sunglasses" she wears. 

The pediatrician decided to start her on a new medicine.  This medicine will help her with her respiratory rate we hope.

What requirements must she meet before coming home?  She must be off of CPAP completely.  She must then, as well, be able to orally eat instead of by feeding tube.  She cannot orally eat (bottle) without meeting the breathing requirements first though.  We continue to pray that she progresses each day so well!  This will bring her home with us sooner.

The nurse we like so much, Lindsey, took our handprints and Bella's and made a sweet little heart with them.  She's doing a little project with them and, I believe, some pictures she took last night.  We adore Lindsey, but unfortunately she doesn't work until next Wednesday.  As much as I like her, I hope that we don't see her... because that means Bella will be home.

Miles and I will be off by 8:00 AM to see Bella before church.  Then we'll head over to my parents' hotel to pick them up and head over to church.  I'm exhausted, I'm swollen, I'm hard as a rock (in some areas...) and I cannot wait to lay in my fresh bed!  But first, I must finish this wonderful glass of wine that I may indulge in now that I am no longer pregnant :)

Thank you healing Lord for the wonderful progress Bella has made in just 24 hours.  We are so grateful for Your healing touch, and pray You'll continue to lay Your graceful hands over Bella's lungs, heart and soul.  Give her the strength, merciful Lord, to continue this hard road during her first week on this planet.  I pray with such passion that You will heal her soon, because honestly... we want her home!  I want to hold this little blessing You've given us, and I want to show her such love.  I can't thank You enough for her presence in our lives, and I'm so eager to relish in the presence of this little angel.   

Please be with all the nurses in the NICU.  We're so grateful for Lindsey to have watched over her these past few nights, and hope that You recognize this wonderful woman's passionate love for these babies.

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Jael said...

Lindsey sounds like a real treasure. I'm so glad Bella gets that kind of nurse looking after her - at least part of the time!