Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcoming Bella

As most of you may know, Miles and I had our little baby girl on November 24th at 2:04 PM here in Rapid City,  South Dakota.  She weighed in at 5lbs 11.9oz and was 17.5" long! 

I have been writing down everything I can remember from going to my OB/GYN appointment that day, up until the day after having her.  Today will be my third day here at the hospital, however, because I'm doing so well they plan on releasing me before spending another night here.

Tonight at 9:30 PM my parents are flying in.  I hope and pray they make it here safely, and am glad they're flying rather than driving.  Not only is the drive from Florida to South Dakota at minimum 2 days, but it's also the holiday and so dangerous! 

The entry I'm working on is, of course probably more for my sake and my desire of remembering everything I could or can.  If you do decide to read it, take heed because it is enormous LOL.

As for now I will just update you all on Bella's health.  Her online hospital announcement is provided to us for free by the hospital.  You can see it by clicking here, though it may take a few days before they add her :)

Bella's heart does not need immediate surgery as we'd been led to believe might be the case. (WOO-HOO!)  As per instructions of her cardiologist, Dr. Spangler, we just have to wait until her heart begins to fail.  We will have weekly appointments with him until she shows signs of beginning heart failure, so it won't be Miles and I at 3AM trying to get ahold of Dr. Spangler and driving to Omaha in craziness.

Right now she has a tube sliding down her throat (as you may see in her Facebook album "Bella Rose").  This allows for her to breathe through the proper canals.  For a while she had an oxygen hood on, but now has tubes that you or I might wear in a hospital to help her breathe. 

She's also been stuck with some sort of long needle that extends from her little, little bicep to her chest.  I don't remember the term for it. 

It's looking like it will be about 1 week minimum to wait to take her home with us.  I'm trying not to focus on that at all, because of course I wish I could take her home right now.  It doesn't help hearing the other mother's in their rooms with their crying babies!  I wish she could even sit next to my bed, but she has to be in the incubator.  Poor little dear!

The visiting hours stop from 7-8 AM, 11-12 PM, 7-8 PM and 11-12 AM as well.  I have about 20 minutes to go visit little Bella before the shift changes, so I think I'm going to go and be with her for a little bit.  That is, if I can walk! LOL

Pictures & the full story are on their way!  


ds.mama said...

Congratulations! Yay, hooray! She's here! She is a beauty :-) Can't wait to read your LONG post.

Lisa said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! ~Congratulations and love from Lisa & Bridget~

dani said...

she is just gorgeous! congratulations, mama!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...


Becca said...

Congratulations!!! She's beautiful!

Monica Crumley said...

Many congratulations to you on the birth of beautiful Bella! Wow, I'm so behind... need to get caught up on all that's happening w/ her, but one thing's for sure... she's gorgeous! I know it's hard not bringing your baby home right away, but I'm sure the docs and nurses will take very good care of her until she's ready to make her debut at home. God Bless this awesome new creation. :-)