Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What if God Was One of Us?

Yesterday a small box full of developmental toys for Bella came in, thanks to mama :)  They were adorable and unique toys that I love for her.  Of course I see things I want Bella to have, but I also like her having things a lot of other kids won't have.

Alongside the delivery was our Netflix movie #2: The Taking of Pelham 123.  Denzel Washington and John Travolta.  A sure fire wonderful movie, for sure.  Not.  The movie wasn't bad, but it didn't parallel with either of their other works.  It was entertaining, but it wasn't mind blowing.

Miles and I discussed more how much we want Bella to be, as a friend of mine says, "an external baby" right now.  Today marks the 35th week, so technically by next Wednesday she's allowed to enter the world. 

Today I was able to finally sell the Blackberry Storms we once used.  Someone offered us $200 for them both (including S&H) so we took the deal.  In this guys message on eBay, he gave me his phone number and asked for me to call him so he could guide me through.  Guide me through what?  I assumed he meant on how to make it "Buy It Now".  I never even insinuated I was going to sell outside of eBay.  No, no, no.  That's against policy in any case, plus it's for my own safety.

Soon after verifying my account through eBay I was able to use the option of "Buy It Now" and set both phones up for $100 each.  I'm not sure, but I think that somebody other than the guy bought them.  It's under a woman's name and a different account but to the same city.  In any case, I received the payment and shipped them off today.

Since I was already out and about a bit, I figured I'd stop by Walgreens and get some gift wrapping tape, paper and ribbon for Miles' birthday gifts that I bought yesterday. 

My aunt had sent my mother some products from a wonderful French line called Caudlié.  Mama didn't keep any of the products and sent them all back to my aunt, but I did keep one product for my night moisturizer.  It has worked like heaven in a bottle for me.  Alas, it's also $40 for a 1.5 oz bottle.  Hardly budget worthy, although I'd been granted permission from Miles.  Regardless of, I couldn't guilt-free order something so tiny for so much.  As I walked into Walgreens I figured I'd look at Olay's moisturizers since their face wash seems to have settled well with me.  Right next to them was a brand name called Merlot, made in the USA, out of the same ingredient that makes Caudlié so prestigious: grape seed oil.  For $15 I was able to get a huge jar of this wonderful moisturizer (with SPF 15) and not have to compromise on the ingredient that I think is doing it for my face.  Woo-hoo!

After perusing the gift wrap and ribbon, I had to hang up with mama (who'd I'd been on the phone with the whole time) since my battery was running out, and decided to find a cheaper tape than the $3.99 one hanging above the ribbon.  As I went to grab the $1.99 tape from the office supply area, a middle-aged man with a Vietnam Veteran hat approached me and asked when I was due.  He claimed then to have delivered many babies in his lifetime.  From there he kept me just outside the supply aisle for nearly an hour discussing how he formerly was a ballerina, he still wore tights (for his knees...?), wanted a church locally, how he was a 'nam Vet from the Army, how my husband should stay in the USAF for the rest of his entire life, how I shouldn't share a name with Britney Spears, how his kids haven't seen him for 18 years, where he lives, how he was looking for pastel chalks to begin painting again, how he played piano since he was 5 and countless other miscellaneous things mixed in with comments too creepy for my own taste.  In the midst of it all he threw his phone number and name at me so my husband or I could call him if we needed anything.  Yeah.  Right.

Once I was finally able to unrudely escape his presence, I ran to the car and shut the door, locked the doors and sped away in case he was somewhere writing down our car make, model and license.  He scared me.  And that's exactly what I text messaged to Miles.

Within a minute my husband called me to ask me what scared me and why and if I was okay.  LOL.  I told him about the creepy supposed veteran, and he asked me what he looked like and told me that I needed to learn how to dismiss myself in these types of situations.  He's right.  I told him I tried without being too blatantly rude, but Miles correctly pointed out that if he gave me the heeby-jeebies like he did, did it really matter if I was rude?

My question is this:  what if he was innocently just a lonely man looking for conversation from anyone?  What if he had no perverse intentions?  What if he was an angel?  What if God sent us together for that conversation?  What if God sent him to talk to me so I wouldn't be on a certain road at a certain time where I might crash and die?  What if I was sent to distract him from a situation that might cause his life to be in jeopardy?  What if it was God Himself? 

This is why I have a hard time dismissing myself rudely.  Unless the person is REALLY creepy and I don't think I can physically or mentally handle what it would take to leave, then I don't see a reason to be rude.  I was in a public setting, parked in the first row of the lot, and many of the workers had seen us outside the aisle -- to whom I'd also made eye contact with several times. 

You have to admit... it's pretty sad we live in a world that when you're approached, you're more likely to think the person insane, perverted or psychotic than you are to think they're lonely.


Jael said...

I feel honoured to be quoted. :-p

Brittany said...

It was quite memorable! :)