Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayer Request: Bella

Bella is seeing a (hopefully better) cardiologist at Childrens on Wednesday. We are going to get a second opinion. We do not feel her current cardiologist does a well enough job to diagnose and/or monitor Bella. The care is well below what a specialty clinic should provide.  We were highly unimpressed with the female in charge of her ultrasound.  She was not meant to work with children!

We hope to get a more thorough look into Bella's heart pressures. The amount of pressure in her valves is vital and can't be a guessing game. In the instance they cannot get a good enough look through noninvasive tests, a heart catheterization is required. This is the same test she had done in November of last year at Omaha's Children's Hospital when they gave her her new medicine, Sildenafil. While this test can be considered safe, it is still surgical and if it needs to be done we have no faith in the current team to perform this test.  As previously requested by her former cardiologists from Omaha's Children's and ourselves, we want the D.C. Children's to perform this test if need be.

So we are just asking for prayers for now. Moreso that her pressures can be read without a catheterization but in the instance it can't, that we are able to seamlessly transition her to Children's instead of at the current location.  Of course, in a perfect world, I'd love for them to look at her heart and say she is good to go, getting healthier and stronger and won't need a catheterization and run along happily.  Alas, we've learned quickly, that is not how things usually go so we want to be prepared for as many situations as we can.   We'll, of course, keep friends and family update :)
Thank you :)


The Former Idealist said...

We'll certainly be praying for you!

Brittany said...

Thank you! We certainly don't need a relapse of last year! I could do without another psychotic anxiety attack!

akoto said...

Definitely sending prayers!

Brittany said...

Thank you! They worked!