Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two More Days to Pray

Impatience and anxiety took over and after getting the “go-ahead” from both my mama and husband, I decided to put a call in to the doctor’s office this morning around 10.30 and see if the amnio results had come in. I didn’t anticipate getting a phone call earlier than noon, yet on the drive to errands I kept the radio off so I could hear the static that comes before the ringing on my cell phone.

I’d driven to Kohls to pick Miles up a new belt. His two new bosses have declared that everyone must wear a suit every day. I, personally, think this is wildly stupid but I won’t argue and will find this as a great excuse to dapper up my hubby :) So I went to buy him a belt that fit better and ran into Kohls’ wonderful clearance rack that held dress pants in his size for $25. Too good to pass up, I threw those over my shoulder with the belt and left.

When I dropped off his belt, lunch and a Starbucks I made him try on the belt to make sure it fit okay. Apparently he and I misjudged the old belts size because it was the same length! After returning to Kohls I received a phone call from my doctor’s nurse saying that it will take until about Friday to get the results in. She said she noticed that it’s usually two weeks on the dot that the results come in, so that would be this upcoming Friday.

Miles’ co-worker, Travis, and his wife, Katie, have offered to take us out to dinner on the day we receive the results regardless of what they are. I would love to double with them and their 6-week-old, Audrie, but I do not want them paying for our dinner. I feel so funny because Katie has given me nearly $200 worth of books (given, as in... she doesn’t want them back) and she has a crap load of blankets, clothes and a baby play pen she’s giving us for Bella. They’re so very generous with us, and I know she has a job so they’re 50% richer than us (lol) but still... I feel so... inadequate. I’m so used to being able to flourish people with help, money or gifts... and with baby coming we’re pretty tight. I mean, we can splurge on a gift for them.. but no where near equal to what they’ve given us! *sigh* I’m grateful, nonetheless. We feel pretty lonely all the way up here in South Dakota.

On second note though, the nurse seemed a little worried that I’m having menstrual like cramping and last night some pressure in my pelvic area. It felt quite like the day before my period comes, when you feel “heavy”. I read up on this feeling on the internet and my pregnancy books, and none of them seemed to onset any worry... as I don’t feel pushing as if the baby’s head is appearing. I would definitely feel that! LOL. But she said if it continues for more than a week again, then I need to call back and let her know. And she also had no help for my hip other than Tylenol (WHICH DOESNT WORK FOR ME) and said if it progressively worsens or keeps being such a pain for me (I’m almost immobile in the mornings) then she’ll have my doctor set up a physical therapy appointment for me. Ugh.

So that’s the “news” so far.

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