Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Attack of Cheese & Other Pre-Nap Musings

After dropping off Miles’ lunch, I went to Safeway to pick up some peanut butter, bread and Cheerios. I came out with $57 worth of groceries... most of it cheese, lol. The other day I bought a package of muenster cheese and ate it all in less than a day. I’ve been craving cheese like no tomorrow. So I bought a monterey jack and a muenster cheese cube (so much cheaper, and more product) and then some swiss, though the latter is for Miles’ lunch sandwiches. I picked up some frozen 5-cheese ravioli thanks to hearing so much about [info]butterbobbin’s ravioli making. Alas I haven’t the energy or the patience to make homemade ravioli... as the last time I attempted pasta dough I ended up taking 5 hours to clean the kitchen. I don’t think I made dough. It was more like glue-that-sticks-everywhere-and-you-can’t-e

Still some menstrual-like cramping today. Mama thinks that if I still have it tomorrow (I really don’t think it’ll go away) that I need to call the nurse and tell her again. I don’t think I’ll walk with Miles today, even though I really, really, really, really want to. It’s just that after our walk yesterday I noticed I cramped that evening even more. I don’t mean just being achy and sore in my hips and such, but the menstrual-like cramps came back with a slight vengeance.

Since I feel so exhausted (contribution: all night heartburn and menstrual-like cramps), bawled my eyes out twice today, and should probably be taking it easy anyway... I think I’m going to allow myself the luxury of a nap/sit and crochet in bed, and just finish the ironing tonight when Miles is in the shower. There’s not that much to do, weird enough. It does have to be done though... he hasn’t any more dress shirts that he could wear that could pass as part of a “suit”. *rolls eyes* His new boss and superintendent are ridiculously clueless. Apparently they had 2 staff meetings today. And these are the people who told Miles to go to a time management class. HA!!

I’m thinking about permanently moving over to This seems more convenient for Miles to be able to read (when he, at his leisure, does)... I just don’t want my parents or his parents to be able to read it. I still only want the audience to be... select. Well, strangers I don’t so much mind. People I know? I mind big time. I don’t know how to solve this mini-crisis.

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