Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day #3: Bed-rest

Day 3 of bed-rest is already getting to me a little.  My knee aches since I can't walk around much.  I've done a few of the leg stretches that have been approved.  Luckily I kept my hands busy today with crocheting.  Alas, the finished product is not newborn sized as said.  Instead it looks like little Bella will have a very warm hat when she's approximately 6 months old.

Miles and I slept in a bit this morning.  I wondered if he only stayed in bed with me since, well, I don't have many places to go and things to do, lol.  Around 11:30 though I noticed a contraction.  The fact that I noticed it made me panic.  As per doctor's orders, I took a pill a half an hour before my scheduled time because I soon had one more contraction.  All day I've noticed that near the end of the hour I get a contraction... and then it stops, or begins to let up, shortly after the beginning of the new hour.

I was able to read more of "Torch" by Cheryl Strayed.  Upon opening the book, it's not the story that intrigued me to want to read more but that she had a classy-like style to her technique.  Unfortunately I noticed her lack of class when she decided to effortlessly use the "f" word; a word I am hardly keen on.  Other than her lack of ability to word such things in another way, the book is mature and a good story.  By no means gripping, but... we'll see. I'm only on page 87 out of 330, but I will review it on when I'm finished.  Haha... which could be very soon!

The rest of the afternoon I fiddled on Facebook.  Attributing much of my bed-rest time to Mafia Wars, Cafe World, FarmVille and e-mails.  I organized the online bookshelves on, updated the blog design (thanks to Ri for pointing out a fantastic website) and continued to crochet a "newborn" hat.

Miles and I watched the Gators play Mississippi.   I continually played Mafia Wars during this time, lol.

I feel bad for Miles.  I don't think I said much at all today.  If this is true, I know why at least.  When someone is sick, they tend to whine or milk it for all it's worth.  This is a quality I absolutely detest.  So, instead of whining (because truly I'd love to whine about contractions, being in a seated or parallel position most of the day, etc.) I basically have just shut up.  He asked me a few times today how I was... meaning, "Talk to me."  I attempted, but all I can splatter out is, "Neehhhhhh.  It's all nehhh.  There's so many answers to that question."

We are now... each fiddling on our own computers.  Though I'm only doing it because I have about an hour and a half until my next pill, and yet I'm so sleepy.  I know if I go to bed right now that I will fall asleep and not wake up in time to take my medicine, so I'll drive myself to stay awake via computer, book or t.v.

Oh this is going to be so lovely...


Ria said...


I love the new new template. Bed-rest sounds annoying.

<3 Laaaaav.

Brittany said...

I adore the new template, too! I downloaded a bunch because I know I'll forget the website you gave me haha.

And it is annoying. Especially when the only thing that makes you feel feel less uncomfortable is STANDING!