Friday, November 13, 2009

From the Land of Naps

I want to write, but I am just so tired.

There's larger contractions by the day now.  Nothing hurts, but my back is beginning to ache sometimes with the contractions.  Today was my OB/GYN appointment and the CPN said she'd like me to stay on the medication until I see my doctor on November 24th.  Of course I want off it now, but I know it's for Bella's best interest.

Everytime I take this medicine though it sends me into this weird fog.  For at least an hour I get extremely dizzy (to the point that I must lie down), my heart slightly races (not as bad as before) and only a slight headache (as opposed to the reportedly common very bad headache side effect).  Then Bella starts moving like there's a disco in my tummy.  When you're dizzy and you feel sick... you don't want a baby inside you throwing a party.

The nursery is about 98% complete.  The border/trim has to have a second coat and that, I project, will be done tonight.  Tomorrow Miles can begin throwing the furniture back in place and then I can run crazy in there and tidy, clean and organize how I would like :) 

I am too sleepy to write much else.


Ria said...

Oh man, I'm such a bad friend. I've been neglecting this even though its on my QuickLinks bar in front of my face. :(

Buuut. Bella's DD is coming soon right?

Brittany said...

You are NOT a bad friend! You don't even update your own journal, lol.

Yup! Her scheduled date of arrival is December 7th... although Miles is EXTREMELY impatient and wants her out like, this very moment. LOL.

Becca said...

Congratulations on the soon-to-arrive baby Bella! That's a beautiful name, and I know she will bring you and your family so much joy!! I found you through Monkey Musings--I'm so glad you've been looking for support and information ahead of time. Good luck, and I'm sure our paths will cross again!