Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy (legal) Anniversary!

Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd (legal) anniversary.  April is our wedding anniversary, but we still like to at least recognize when we were legally married since it was five months prior to the wedding, done in a different state and under different circumstances.

Since we don't plan on going all out on our November anniversary, I figured going to Starbucks and getting him a coffee for lunch would do for the day Hi-I-Thought-of-You treat.  We planned on going to Red Lobster for dinner (yay! no cooking!) so I had figured that would be the extent of our celebrations.

Throughout the day though, Miles kept updating me that he'd be later than expected.  I'm fairly used to him not coming home until 6:00/6:30.  He tries to go to work at 8:00 and be home by at least 5:30, but in his line of work it's not unprecedented for anyone to stay past 5:00.  In fact, most of the time people do work late.  So I didn't think much of it, but did ask that he make it in time for us to at least go out to dinner.  (Hey!  my meal plan was for baked chicken, and that takes at least 2 hours for just cooking!)  Needless to say, when it comes to Red Lobster, I'm all for that.  Seafood = Love.

Towards the end of the day he'd told me that he'd be really late.  When he says that, I expect him to be home around 8:00.  Yes, I was disappointed, but we could still go out to dinner.  I'd taken yesterday off to recover from having cleaned the day prior.  Apparently typical cleaning is now as laborious as a 10-mile run.  At least, for someone who's 9 months pregnant. 

By the time 5:00 hits, I'm just beginning a crochet Christmas project.  I barely have any work done (after having frogged it a million times) when I hear Miles walk through the door at 6:00!!

Well of course I was ecstatic, although I admittedly felt entirely guilty that he felt obligated to be home so "early" on a needed-to-work-late day.  As a consequence he'll have to work very late today.  That's okay with me though.  I get to go up to his office once everyone leaves and read or crochet. 

Red Lobster was of course divine.  It never can be anything less, if you ask me.  He told me to not hold back since it was an anniversary meal.  Haha... I always order the same thing though.  One pound of snow crab legs.  So in order to go "all out", I made it a pound and a half.  I think Miles ate all the shrimp the restaurant had to offer.  I've never seen so many different types of shrimp.  That's the first time I've seen him crave fish like that, haha. 

After our lovely little dinner (which, by the way, we were seated at the table that we sat at the night he proposed) he took us to Best Buy.  He apparently had in mind to buy a Christmas CD.  We looked all over for the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD and finally found it tucked away.  I've never (consciously) listened to Mannheim Steamroller, but was really impressed when he put it on in the car.  Impressed that all that came from one human. 

I convinced him to also indulge in a cheap buy of Fall Out Boy's Greatest Hits CD.  He's always listening to "America's Suitehearts" and finds a few other of their songs absolutely hilarious -- lol.  I don't mind them or their music... and it was only $10. 

But, his entire purpose was to come in to see if they had the new Super Mario Brother's Wii game.  Maybe I talked about it more than I even thought, but he was very disappointed when we'd journeyed the length of the store and never found it.  This, too, was tucked away... or at least wasn't where we'd thought it'd be.  He insisted on buying this for me... and so we spent just as much at Best Buy as we did on our dinner at Red Lobster.  After all of our attempts at squeezing the budget, making sure we don't overspend... I was entirely shocked he spent that much money last night. 

The night could have ended better if it weren't for contractions making me feel like I was going to fall into a nasty flu oblivion.  During the commercial break of our show, I decided it was definitely time to head to bed because there was no way laying on the couch with my face planted in the cushion was going to make me feel any better.

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