Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After this weekend (which wasn't the best of all weekends to be honest) I went on to check out the blog roll and found out that I'd won a Cricut cartridge.  Not just a cartridge of any nature, but the Winter Woodland cartridge! :-) 

You see, I began following the "Obsessed with Scrapbooking" blog.  The writer/scrapbooker on there is also a part of a "Christmas with the Cricut" blog, which features all kinds of crazy awesome things you can do with the Cricut for the upcoming holiday.  Each week the latter blog hosts a contest in which you apply for by simply following their blog via the Follow feature or RSS Feed, and then make sure to comment on each post that week.  Sundays are the days the winners are announced.  By golly, the first time I ever entered... I won!  I'm SO excited!

So of course, I urge you, fellow crafters, to run over and claim your number!  Queue up for their contests.  If anything, you do learn an awful lot -- even if you don't have a Cricut.  I'm still looking for more scrapbooking blogs, though ones that don't use the Cricut.  I'd like to discover other avenues of scrapbooking, like embossing, chalking, stamping, etc.  It's all so... new and therefore, hard lol.

Right now I have chicken and potatoes baking in the oven.  They should be done in a few minutes.  Afterwards I'll let them cool off and then pack them up.  I'm impatiently waiting for Miles to call so I can head over to his office and we can eat dinner there as I read or crochet while he finishes up his work.  Tonight he has to work unusually late, so I figured I'd just bring dinner.  Haha, because I cannot wait!
Yay!  I've been summoned!

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ds.mama said...

Oooooh what a great win!

Congrats on Bella, I can't wait to meet her. I would love to announce your pregnancy and blog so that we can all follow along... Can you email me at ds.mama at yahoo dot com to let me know if that is ok with you? Thanks!