Monday, November 9, 2009

Nursery News

We had such a busy weekend.  Friday we took the night off since Miles was too sick to even eat dinner (this saved me from having to bake a cake).  We celebrated his birthday, he talked to family throughout the night and finally we went to bed.  Although, before he came home I had the urge to finally put all the bottles and bibs away in a smaller bin I'd bought earlier.  I cleaned out three cupboards and one drawer in the kitchen in between his phone calls... to which he laughed at me for "nesting" ;-)

Saturday, oh boy.  We did some serious shopping.  We finally bought the two huge bins from Target that will go into Bella's closet to hold the excessive amount of blankets she has.  They, unfortunately, didn't have a changing pad!  The one his parents bought for her is excessively long and has holes in it, so we needed a smaller and no-holed one, lol.  We were able to buy a trash can for her diapers though.

(Miles had previously asked, when pulling up to Target, what we needed from that specific store.  When I listed off "trash can for her poop" he replies in true confusion, "Who's poop!?!?")

Miles took his gift card he received for his birthday to Scheels.  He's debating between just buying $50 worth of bullets or the standing target he's been wanting.  (I vote for the latter since he's been wanting it and won't buy it otherwise!) 

First though, we had headed to First Chance, Last Chance Games downtown.  They were from Who's Hobby but moved next to the porn store (ugh) downtown.  The store is small, but its use is mainly for people to come in and play their games -- whether it's Warhammer or not.  Miles utilized some of his free money to buy the proper paints for his figures that I bought him. 

Afterwards we hit HoLo.  After a great debate, we settled on three shelves.  I'd only asked for one! LOL.  We ended up with all white ones (to be painted in the darker contrast color of her room).  One is fairly long, and will be mostly for my use, the other is a cute corner one we'll set up by her crib and the other is another smaller one.  We also were able to pick up her Christmas stocking which slightly matches ours but is different.  I did want to get a "Baby's First Christmas" stocking but it's such a waste of money since she only has ONE first Christmas. 

That's when we drove to Applebees and hungrily ate up the gift card his parents gave him for his birthday.  Still feeling sick, he wasn't able to completely finish his meal and they serve such a large portion for their salads that I wasn't able to finish mine either.  We walked out with our leftovers as well as a Triple Chocolate Meltdown to enjoy later on.  Yummmmm!

Once we'd finished our Target and Scheel's excursion, I asked if we could go into Michael's.  HoLo didn't have any of the scrapbooking supplies I wanted for Bella's baby book, and thankfully Michael's did. 

By the time we got home it was a bit past 5 and we were exhausted!  I knew if I asked, he'd have started painting that evening but really.. he was sick and I didn't want him to push it.  Instead we relaxed, ate dinner and finished our Triple Chocolate Meltdown (always so gooooood) and watched Defiance

Right after church (where I was extremely uncomfortable for some reason -- I'm going to thank contractions for that) we went grocery shopping and bought some hardware from a local little hardware store.  We came home and he began painting her room.  Oh my goodness I love it!!

All of her walls are painted, the shelves are painted in the contrast color and her furniture looks gorgeous.  I'll post progress pictures afterwards... but he wants to do a second coating.  Our walls are slightly textured, so he's sure he sees lots of white spots and I think it's bugging him lol.  He plans on doing that afterwork, then tomorrow the final touches (painting the window edging and bottom edging in the complementary contrast color) and then voila!  Baby room will be done!

Then... she can come out :) LOL.

(We are doing the nursery in Olympic's Ballerina as the main color and Restful Rose as the contrast color)

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