Monday, November 9, 2009

Bella Heart Update

While driving out to JCPenney and Sears, I received a phone call from Dr. Buehner's office.  Michelle, the nurse I love, called to say that the pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Spangler) called to say that the other cardiologists he showed her last echocardiogram to in Omaha, NE requested for another echo to be performed basically ASAP. 

There was nothing more said than they wanted it done before I was 34 weeks... and Michelle kindly pointed out that I'm in my 36th week.  No one said anything about something new to worry about, but I will definitely be doing some heavy imploring.  She set the appointment up for me at 12:15 tomorrow.  Miles has had Tuesday set-up for a case he is working on and won't be able to make it (which, in reality, he doesn't need to) so I will just keep him up to date throughout the appointment via text.  (I heart text-messaging!)

As Miles pointed out, it seemed that Dr. Spangler forgot that we had an appointment with him before when we saw him last time.  Miles wonders if he's forgotten all about that first appointment and never sent off those original tapes of the echo to the Omaha doctors.  "My" last echo was done around week 34, and Miles wonders if he just lost track.  Point well made, and a point I will be sure to carry into conversation once I see Dr. Spangler tomorrow.

While I don't think anything is wrong, and of course am hoping nothing more could be troubling Bella's little heart, I will keep everybody up to date after my appointment tomorrow!

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