Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perhaps I'm Nesting...

When I went into pre-term labor, I was exposed to hospital food.  (Thankfully my wonderful husband ran out to get me some McDonalds before I died of complete starvation).  While all of the food looked as if it'd been mushed together and simply called turkey, or beef, or whatever it was... there was one muffin that recruited me into the muffin world.  A rhubarb muffin. 

Admittedly, I had no idea what the heck a rhubarb was.  (I do know what turnips are!)  When I bit into this little delish muffin, I was so happy!  Naturally I now have to make a rhubarb muffin batch or I may, in fact, go insane.  Then again -- maybe I only liked it so much because I was deprived of any real food.

Online I found a rhubarb muffin recipe but am hesitant.  Will it turn out as flavorful?  Will I even like it?  If you know of a rhubarb muffin recipe that you adore yourself, let - me - know!! 

Yesterday I received two books in the mail (thanks to mama): Notes Left Behind and Crazy Love.  Bella's toy box came in as well as her new switch plate cover :)  It must have been a Bella day because I also was able to order the glider for the nursery (for free shipping on Amazon it could arrive as late as December 9th -- way past her EDD!)  and a new changing pad. 

Due to Bella's arrival late November/early December, the fact that we may have to pay for almost 2 weeks worth of hotel fees when staying with her in Omaha (which we don't even know WHEN that will be)... we decided that Christmas gifts can only be extended as far as Bella and maybe ourselves.  Of course, Bella will get the normal Christmas present budget - but between Miles and I, we may have to be just very sweet, lol.

However!  Thanks to doing some research on the Cricut machine mama gave me last year (or was it earlier this year?), I found some wonderful very cheap ideas for Christmas gifts for the family.  I'm thinking maybe some crocheted ornaments that could be cute.  For our parents though, I think I have a cute idea with etching (using the Cricut!)  Just a little ornament for everyone in the family... that won't cost us much (if anything at all since I have loads of yarn) and it'll be a small token to say that we love them, we're thinking of them, and we appreciate all they've done for us throughout the beginning years of our marriage and through the pregnancy with little Bella. 

Miles has tomorrow off since it is Memorial Day.  That is one awesome benefit to him working in the military :)  He gets every federal holiday off!  Woo-hoo!  Tonight he may second-coat the nursery.  I really don't think a second-coat is necessary, partially because the paint itself says it's a one-coat paint.  He, however, keeps looking at the walls and saying he thinks it needs a second coat.  If it makes him happy, go for it, lol.  Hopefully then Wednesday we can do the trim, put the furniture back in their proper places and set the nursery up -- gasp -- once and for all!  By that time, I will have pictures. 


Steph said...

Check and see if there's a Ronald McDonald House or something similar near the hospital in Omaha-they generally have places for the families of children who are going in for surgery to stay for free. Just a little tip! Might save you some serious $$$ too! Ohhh and there's a base in Omaha where you guys could stay for really cheap (gotta love the base hotels lol) if there isn't a RMcD House around there. Gosh I'm full of useless information lol.

P.s. The Ronald McDonald Houses are generally pretty nice too :)

Brittany said...

They do have a Rainbow House there, but when I contacted them they said they get full very quickly and we would need to be put on a list. I can still get on the "maybe" list... but they prefer to know the date of her surgery and unfortunately we can't ever know the date.
I totally forgot we could stay on base!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!