Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas is almost here!

This year feels richer.  Bella is more aware of her surroundings and what's going on.  She may not know the idea of presents, but she sure has made her way over to the tree a dozen times and has attempted to open or chew open some of the gifts already ;)

We do sincerely miss the snow and seasonal Christmas weather we became accustomed to in South Dakota.  The weather here has pretty much stayed in the high 50's, leaving us very little chance to don our nice jackets, scarves and hats.  I can't help but snicker when I see families walking in parka's when it's in the high 50's, even touching in the 60's during the afternoon with the beating sun, and we are wearing our t-shirts and pants with usually a light zip jacket.  At least our heating bill isn't taking a huge plunge!

Bella is almost walking.  Almost.  She is walking side to side, approximately 5 steps or so, as well as finally taking the risk of walking from our coffee table to the couch which is about 2-3 steps for a little one.  It's exciting!  She can walk; she just needs the confidence to know she won't fall and she can do it.  We're working diligently on that.

This is Miles' first year working during the Christmas weekend and on Christmas day.  As anyone might be, I believe he is tad down about this.  We certainly aren't ecstatic about it, but will make do and will be holding our Christmas festivities on Monday instead when he has off.  We'll open presents then and have our big Christmas dinner then.  If you don't receive a thank you on Sunday, you know why! ;-)

I've been teasing the idea of different new ventures for me in 2012.  Hey, it'll apparently be our last year on Earth before all the hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and natural disasters eat us all alive... I better make the best of it.  Classes for Bella and I to take, classes for just me to take, there's a few books that are sitting in my soul waiting to be brought to life....

Even though this is our Christmas Eve Eve, there are tons of preparations for me to do today.  We hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and remember that it's all about Him.

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