Sunday, December 11, 2011

Operation Procrastination

This upcoming week brings forth lots of festivities, appointments, and holiday chaos.
Monday Bella and I have the pleasure of meeting a new mom to a daughter with Down syndrome in the area.  We'll be meeting at a local Starbucks and swapping stories of learning our child has Down syndrome.  Bella needs her medication refilled, so since we'll be closer to that side of town I arranged on Friday for her medication to be ready by tomorrow afternoon so that once we're done chatting it up with our new friends we can save on gas and roll over to the pharmacy.

We've decided Mondays are better for us budget-wise and quality-wise for grocery shopping,  so we'll be hitting up Safeway and Wegmans as well.  Looks like souvlaki's, a crudité platter for throughout the week healthy snacking, more chili (I'm obsessed as of late), eating our 5,000,000 sugar cookies, a gingerbread house and then I'll be making another apple pie for Miles to take to work.  We're out of bread, but because Monday is so jam packed I'll have to wait until Tuesday to make our 2 loaves of bread.

This week is a double therapy week for Bella.  She'll see both her physical therapist and educator.  We'll be looking into getting her private therapy from therapists we choose as provided by TriCare.  It'll depend on who we can find on whether or not I'll use them to supplement what Early Intervention (EI) provides or if we'll just forego the EI services altogether.  I remember her case manager back in Rapid City mentioning that TriCare provides outside therapy for special needs children as well.  I'll have to give her a call sometime this week as well.

Alongside that I've got my weekly appointment to attend.  I'm so thankful that my husband is willing to stay up "late" to watch Bella while I take care of my own mental needs :)

Since Miles' work schedule is wacky we're trying to fit in festivities and whatnot on his days off.  Our decorations are nearly finished, but we have a few more lights that go outside and we have yet to fully decorate the tree.  We have the tree up, the skirt down and the lights on the tree for night time "show 'n' glow" but we need to place the ornaments on.

Gifts need wrapped, ribboned and sent.  Cards need bought, signed and mailed.  Miles, Bella and I need to buy gifts yet for one another.  I have to desperately finish Secret Christmas Project #1 (which is frustrating me as of this moment, hence a blog update).  Many important medical phone calls to make and keep up with.  People to please.  People to pray for.  So much to do!  I feel like's "Why I'll Never Be An Adult" post.

Alright, enough procrastinating... time to work on Secret Christmas Project #1 until my eyes bleed.

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